Our Inspections

We perform a multi point inspection to provide peace of mind. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the following:

-Scope of work
-Images and descriptions of all roof slopes
-Details with images of any discovered issues
-Suggested course of action
-5 year Certification (If requested)

Completed report available to you via email and/or web access to share with other parties

Pre Buyer Inspector Inspection

The closing is set!

All you have to do is pass the buyers inspection.

But they discover there is a problem with 10 different things, one of them being the roof.

You can get the roofer out tomorrow but it will take a week or longer to have it fixed or replaced. Even longer if you have to get the insurance company involved. WHY WAIT? Each time you sign a listing have it checked out before you even put a sign up.

Isn't it better to be proactive that reactive?


Post Buyer Inspector Inspection

Not all Inspectors are the same. Some have more knowledge in different areas of the house than others. In my experience Home Inspectors error on the safe side and put everything into their reports. This can be an issue for a picky buyer. Questions arise, can we get it repaired in time? I dont want to but what it I just reduce the price?

If the roof needs a repair or a full replacement, we as a company focus on advisers like you. Your job will go to the front of the line to make sure the work is completed before closing.


Colorado Preferred Roofing
CPR was started right here in Colorado

Colorado Preferred Roofing is a local Colorado Contractor, specializing in the restoration of roofs and gutters that have been damaged by wind & hail. We have handled thousands of claims and completed thousands of projects for customers across the Front Range, from Ft. Collins to Pueblo.

We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers – through consistent communication, quality construction, and advocating for accurate insurance settlements from our customer’s insurance company. We will do our best to make your home and family our first priority. For more information about our company, check out our About Us page..

Working Together

It is hard to focus on sales, marketing, deadlines and customer service when the demands of operating  your company require so much attention. We are here to help. With our specialized services focused on advisers like you, working as a team we are able to provide the best customer service in the industry.  Using our proactive strategies with comprehensive reports, you are able to streamline the process and get to the closing table on time.


No matter if its from your mobile device or your deck top computer, we provide state of the art technology so you can access our reports from anywhere.

Exceptional operations and leading customer service is what will set your self apart within your market.